Monday 19 March 2018

    1st ICoMA 2018

    Call for Paper

    Indonesia is one of the biggest archipelago in the world has major challenged in research on maritime and archipelago. This International Conference on Maritime and Archipelago 2018 (ICoMA 2018) is hosted by Universitas Bangka Belitung (UBB) in conjunction with International Conference of Vocational Studies on Applied Research 2018 (ICoVAR 2018) and International Conference of Vocational Studies on Social Science 2018 (ICoVOSS 2018) by Vocational School and Diponegoro University (UNDIP), and supported by Politeknik Manufaktur Negeri Bangka Belitung

    Topic and Scope
    1. Natural Perspective
    - Marine and Fisheries
    - Biology Marine
    - Biotechnology
    - Archipelago
    - Agrotechnology
    - Agribusiness coastal
    - Management Marine
    - Geopark Coastal
    - Environment Threats
    - Vulnerability Marine
    - Conservation

    2. Engineering Perspective
    - Sustainable Energy Post Mining and Environment
    - Coastal Infrastructure
    - Engineering Maritime
    - Archipelago Techhnology

    3. Science Perspective
    - Economic Partnership
    - Marine Tourism and Economy Socio-Cultural
    - Political Policies on Archipelago Empowerment and Humanity on Archipelago
    - Human Trafficking
    - Illegal Fishing Maritime
    - Industrial Labor Maritime Law
    - Maritime Anthropology
    - Marine Commerce

    Abstract submission: 1st May - 1st June 2018  (1st period) and 15th June 2018 (2nd Period)

    Date and Time
    This event will be held on 13-14th September 2018 at Novotel Hotel, Bangka Belitung, Indonesia


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